sunil photo

Sunil Adiyodi

Sunil Adiyodi, our principal accountant and financial advisor, started STP Midland nearly 10 years ago. Sunil provides expert advice on tax, accounting, financial planning, retirement, superannuation and SMSF, investment and personal insurance. He finds it particularly rewarding working with clients … Read More

Nick photo

Nicholas D’Angelo

With more than ten years of experience in the industry, our senior accountant Nicholas D’Angelo helps clients to conceive financial goals, plan how to achieve them, and then implement the necessary steps. His strong analytical skills, attention to detail, use … Read More

Rohith photo

Rohith Satheesh

Our client services and administration officer Rohith supports our team and liaises with our valued clients. Her excellent communication skills and strengths in relationship management are valued by our clients who appreciate the helpful assistance Rohith offers. Before moving to … Read More

Joe photo

Joseph Iannolo

Our client liaison officer and assistant accountant Joseph Iannola is one of our newer employees. His strong bookkeeping and excel skills ensure that the important work behind the scenes is up-to-date and accurate. Joseph enjoys working with all of our … Read More